Chris Connor Elvis Presley Performer


Shirley Gorman Fantastic show we have been to Memphis six times and seen all sorts of entertainers but I’ve never seen one that looks and sounds like the king as Chris Connor, well done keep up the good work, I can’t wait to c u again x
Mark Lennox I’ve never seen or heard anyone so alike. I travelled from Ireland especially to see the show at the London Palladium and to be honest… it was the most amazing show ever…
Truly excellent… thank you Chris
Hazel McDermott Ellis I remember sitting in the cinema at the beginning of the seventies waiting for my idol Elvis, in the film “That’s the way it is”, with excited anticipation. And after it had ended I was left wondering what it would feel like to actually see him perform live, but unfortunately I never got the chance. But I think after the show at the palladium on Sunday, I got as near to experiencing that feeling as I would have got seeing the king himself perform. Thank you Chris for such a fantastic show and such an amazing experience I will never forget. You just get better and better the mannerisms are spot on. xxx