After returning home from Memphis myself and Chris are still on cloud nine.
During his week visiting the home of his idol, Chris was awarded with the first ever worldwide fan choice award of Best Elvis Performer 2014. photo attached.

This was an emotional moment for Chris and footage will be uploaded of this onto his website very soon. Even more so as his parents were there to witness it.

As many many know, Chris decides not to enter any Elvis contests, so winning the award voted by fans around the world meant the world to him and he will treasure it forever.

Chris would like to thank you all for your votes and support. He will continue with his respectful tribute to the one and only Elvis.

To think this could not be topped it could. !
During Chris show in Memphis , Mr Joe Esposito Elvis Presley best friend and right hand man for over 17 years, touring on all shows, who was also one of who was to find Elvis on that terrible day, joined Chris on the stage to compliment him.

He told Chris how he thought whilst watching him that he was very very good, his show was energetic like Elvis, like watching Elvis Sounds great.
and said ” boy that boy looks just like Elvis ”

I may have missed some quotes however the full clip will be uploaded onto Chris website and fb page and you tube channel very soon for all to see.

Chris actually froze and was speechless at one point. His emotion of hearing such words made him tear up, but he managed to hold himself together.
After the lovely words Joe and Chris continued to have a little fun joking with each other. A moment that will be in Chris memory for the rest of his life.

Also not forgetting Miss Shirley Dieu the Memphis Mafia Princess ( whose book is a must buy) who also joined them on stage and complimented Chris (and his butt! lol ) greatly.

Elvis week this year has got to be the best so far.
The vigil was so special and to sit just watching thousands of people after 37 years pay their respect was mind blowing. I am unable to think of any other entertainer this happens for.
Elvis has the best fans in the world and because of this he will never be forgot.